Do You See What I’m Saying?

Drawing from Scripture, the habits of highly effective people, scientific research, and notable “godly movers and shakers,” Dr. Claude further asserts that despite our desire for a smooth life journey free of obstacles, overcoming challenges is essential for growth in Christ. His analyses of pertinent Scriptures are clear, insightful, and comprehensive. Do You See What I’m Saying? is filled with godly advice that can be applied right now.

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Frustrated that the path to your destiny is riddled with detours and roadblocks? Wondering what your purpose is? Desiring a different life from the one you see now? Constantly asking God, “When is it my turn?” These are some of the issues that Dr. Japheth Claude has written about in his recently published book, Do You See What I’m Saying? Dr. Claude asserts in Do You See What I’m Saying? that we have the ability to ensure more successful journeys by following the “roadmap” laid out by the Holy Spirit. Given that God is in ultimate control of our lives, He has shown favor by giving us the ability to steer ourselves directly into the path of success. This book examines the “eight mental laws, we must all understand. These are laws that refer back to seeing (imagining), speaking (confessing), and believing (faith). The eight mental laws can be summarized even more succinctly: “If you want something different, you must do something different.” Practical and wildly encouraging, Dr. Claude points out in the book the futility of passive, sideline faith and reinforces the message of faith in action, declaring the spiritual progression: Conceive Believe Confess Receive Without faith in what you cannot see, it will be impossible to walk in your purpose or make the right moves. These chess-like maneuvers are best made when you lay aside your will and desires and concentrate on the will of God.

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2 reviews for Do You See What I’m Saying?

  1. Ron Briggs, Jr., JD

    To the Author:

    Thank you for providing me an opportunity to read your book, Do You See What I’m Saying? The Journey to Your Destiny through Vision and The Spoken Word. To begin, I must admit that after a few pages, I initially put the book down. I did not want to read another self-help book. I did not want to hear the awesome things that await me if I just “believe and receive”, “name and claim it”, “pray not worry” or “choose it and loose it”. I had become discouraged by encouraging words. Prophesy felt more like prophe-lie.

    For months, maybe years I have wrestled with identifying my purpose. In the past few weeks, I have prayed adamantly, seeking to discover my purpose. I have been lost in a fog. My internal GPS has been rerouting me for many seasons. I have taken many paths, only to end up at my same starting point. Frustrated from driving this never-ending roundabout, I stopped my journey and left myself in idle. I have been waiting for new information to get into my psychological navigational system. My waiting seemed in vain. Then, I read your book.

    By the First Chapter, I was hooked. Hope reignited and ideas of where I had misplaced my faith flickered. Dr. Claude, your painstaking research on the Bible’s instructions concerning our destiny is outstanding. It would have taken me years to organize the same information that you condensed in an easily digestible 140 or so pages. By the middle of the book I could not keep still. I wanted to keep reading but I also wanted to pray and set my feet on the path for which I know God has a lantern.

    Reading this book has helped me get closer to recognizing and acknowledging my purpose. Your commitment to scripture as well as your God-given wisdom, which you shared abundantly, made things clear for me. Thank you for making complex information an easy read. Did I see what you were saying? Yeah Bro, I’m feeling you. I’m picking up what you are putting down.

    Ron Briggs, Jr., JD

  2. Pastor Lewis L Tucker Jr.

    5 out of 5 stars Absolutely Life Changing!

    In this book Dr. Claude offers an insightful look into the Biblical concepts of confession and meditation. As modern day believers many of us have become tricked by the enemy into believing that our words don’t matter as if the things we say have no consequence. But Dr. Claude shows us by use of his testimony and the examination of the scriptures that as in the words of Jesus “you will have whatsoever you say.” So if you don’t like the things you have you better change what you are saying. This book is filled with insight and scriptural references making it a perfect tool for small group studies or book reviews that desire to grow in their faith! I was so impressed I bought copies for my entire congregation!

    Pastor Lewis L Tucker Jr.

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