Dr. Japheth L. Claude

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Dr. Claude has worked as a Family Counselor, Group Therapist, Program Director, Executive Director, and Executive Pastor. He currently facilitates Youth and Young Adult Empowerment sessions, also known as “Real Talk Lectures,” and offers mentoring, trauma, and life coaching services, in addition to serving as a Minister/Elder. Dr. Claude’s motto is “Transforming Followers into Leaders and Leaders into Change Agents & Hope Dealers.”


The Claude Foundation

The Claude Foundation is commissioned to bless the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, spiritually, emotionally, and financially, by what we preach, teach, and how we live. Furthermore, we will teach others to live a life of high moral character, integrity, and servanthood. Empowering people to be open to love, reject fear, and to confront obstacles by receiving wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.


Life enrichment in an effort to uncover your God-given purpose is the ultimate goal of this ministry where “Wisdom Speaks and Destiny Calls.”

Mission Statement

100-Fold Literary Works, LLC has been commissioned to combat the effects of our society’s deterioration of faith, family and moral values through spiritual enrichment, mentorship, life & wellness education and dedication to community development. It is our unique services and programs that encourage individuals seeking to enhance their quality of life, to live with high moral character, integrity, and willingness to serve. We are committed to being true examples of what we preach, teach and write about as well as be a blessing to those under our tutelage, spiritually, emotionally, and financially, as it is written in the Word of God.




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I was honored to be the guest speaker on G7 Voices With-Out Boundaries Podcast.

The topic of the discussion was: “Black Men Thriving After Experiencing Early Childhood Trauma”. I was also given the opportunity to share about my new book: Silly Women, Simpleminded Men & Good Girls with Bad Names.

100 Fold Literary Work LLC

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I, Dr. Japheth Claude, along with my wife, Dr. Alexis Claude are excited about this opportunity to inspire and educate thousands of people through our outreach ministry, 100-Fold Literary Works. Here you will get to know us and understand our passion to enhance, energize and help change lives. With an array of programs and services available, we are able to cater to the needs of individuals of any age as well as service communities desiring assistance. The literary contributions and subject-specific blogs being offered are teaching tools chosen to empower its readers, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Life enrichment in an effort to uncover your God-given purpose is the ultimate goal of this ministry where “Wisdom Speaks and Destiny Calls.”


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