New Book Inspiration

New Book Inspiration/You are not your worse decision A combination of life-altering experiences compelled me to write this book. This book scratches the surface of my personal story and my early childhood trauma and how I’m healing and how others can find healing as well. As a child, I suffered the loss of my mother [...]

Daddy Dearest

There’s an old saying that states, “Any man can make a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father.” This statement is a declaration that has proven itself accurate more times than we would like to admit, especially in this day and age where being a deadbeat dad is less of a [...]


A daughter may outgrow your lap but will never outgrow your heart. Author unknown My dearest Briana, I dedicate this book to you, my daughter, my baby girl, my princess. I am sure you know how much I love you and that I thank God every day for blessing me with the gift of being [...]

Food for Thought

Chapter 1 Do You See What I’m Saying? Food for Thought As you take this journey toward a successful life, you must learn that your thoughts, words, and deeds are magnets to your reality. For many years people have used the phrase: Do you see what I’m saying? Some have used it as slang and […]


Mental Laws and Rules

Do you see what I’m saying? Mental Laws/Rules Throughout the years, people have always wanted to understand why some are more successful than others. For this reason, the following laws and rules have been studied and have proven to be true. It has been found that people who practice these laws with consistency obtain a […]



The World Wide Web is a magnificent, modern day tool. You are always just a click away from accomplishing some of life’s most daunting tasks, like planning a trip. Technology has given you the ability to choose any location and in minutes, discover a wealth of knowledge about that destination: photos, local attractions, the demographics, […]


Chapter 2: Take The Mantle

Chapter 2: Take The Mantle Food for Thought – To truly position yourself to be a worthy successor, loyalty and faithfulness are essential attributes that are honored by God as well as man. – True success is never accomplished alone. Chapter 3: Faith Works Food for Thought You have the freedom of choice to speak […]