Dr. Japheth L. Claude

"“Our young people can make it if we would just give them the tools to take it.”"

Dr. Japheth L. Claude has worked in the Human Services field for over 15 years. Throughout his years of service in the Human Services field, he developed a passion for empowering youth.He has dedicated most of his career to the continued development of youth by becoming a Youth Advocate and then spearheading a mentoring program at his church.Dr. Claude has worked as a Family Counselor, Group Therapist, Program Director, and Executive Director. He currently facilitates Youth Empowerment Sessions and offers mentoring services, in addition to serving as the Executive Pastor and Elder.

Dr Japheth L. Claude

Author's books

Silly Woman Simpleminded Men

When God created Adam and Eve, He did so with the intention that they would be the perfect match for each other. Together, they would be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. After sin entered the picture, however, everything changed. They were no longer in perfect relationship with each other, and as their descendants, we have fully lived in the consequences of it.
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Do You See What I’m Saying?


Drawing from Scripture, the habits of highly effective people, scientific research, and notable “godly movers and shakers,” Dr. Claude further asserts that despite our desire for a smooth life journey free of obstacles, overcoming challenges is essential for growth in Christ. His analyses of pertinent Scriptures are clear, insightful, and comprehensive. Do You See What I’m Saying? is filled with godly advice that can be applied right now.

All books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Xulon Press.