New Book Inspiration/You are not your worse decision

A combination of life-altering experiences compelled me to write this book. This book scratches the surface of my personal story and my early childhood trauma and how I’m healing and how others can find healing as well. As a child, I suffered the loss of my mother at the hands of her boyfriend— undoubtedly the most traumatic event in my life. I often wondered why and how this could happen to such a wonderful woman. Then as a young man, there were some questionable choices and actions on my part that I, at that time, didn’t recognize as being toxic and detrimental to the women that had previously crossed my path. However, when I accepted Christ and received the salvation of the Lord, the Holy Spirit pricked my heart. It brought about a deep level of repentance and remorse to fall over me in regards to my treatment of women, specifically my involvement with “good girls” and “silly women.”  As I replayed certain moments in my head, I questioned whether or not my mom had fallen into one of these two categories prior to her death, and I also discovered something about myself that I had been ignoring for years. I, like so many others, had fallen into the role of a “simpleminded man.” Though it was a painful realization, it compelled me to take the road less traveled toward discovering and understanding how individuals come to be Silly Women, Simpleminded Men and Good Girls with Bad Names. What I have learned, is we should always ask the question: What happen to them? In most cases their current state is a result of trauma. Therefore, it is my prayer that through the transparency of this book, I can inform and teach those who will listen, that you are not your worse decision, what you and I do and don’t do has a way of affecting others whether good or bad and you do have the power to change. Also, that with this knowledge comes power…power to remove the blinders, to be confident in who God says we are, to recognize deception easily, and ultimately to save lives.